Portraits: Rupert full length
Portraits: Rupert full length


Commissioned Portrait Sculpture

Commissioned portraits, normally life sized, from head only to conventional head-and-shoulders bust or full-length figures. Sculpted in clay at my studio in Dorking, these are normally cast in foundry bronze, with a variety of patination options available.

Capturing a likeness in clay is a fascinating and interactive process, and I pride myself in gaining an insight not only into the subject, but equally into the commissioning client’s perception of them. As the work develops, client and sitter feedback greatly enriches the quality of the experience and the final sculpture.

I work from a combination of live sittings, measurements, still and video images – a sitter can’t maintain a spontaneous smile or action pose! Where the subject is not available to sit, I can work from photos only, and, as in the case of ‘Sibelius’, create a sculpture from piecemeal information, drawing on client perceptions and impressions as well as limited photographic records from different ages and poses.

Prices go from approx £3,000 for a portrait head or bust in bronze. Heads or figures can be cast in bronze resin. The cost savings are fairly minimal for a head, but on a life-sized figure they are substantial. Alternatively, producing additional copies from the original mould in bronze resin can provide a relatively inexpensive method of producing copies of a portrait head or figure for other family members.