Limited Editions

Limited Editions: Eve Olution, aluminium resin, 190hx53wx56d cms. £2950
Limited Editions: Eve Olution, aluminium resin, 190hx53wx56d cms. £2950


Limited Edition Sculptures

These are all suitable for outdoors and ideal as garden sculpture to provide focal points. 'Eve Olution' is cast in aluminium resin with a post-feminist theme, standing some 6'2 high. 'Suzanne' is a 3/4 size portrait sculpted from life, in bronze resin. 'Paul' is life sized, patinated bronze resin. These are in editions of 15.

All the figures can be cast in a variety of resin/metal finishes or indeed foundry bronze. Bronze resin (or other metal resin) is an extremely weather resistant material, consisting of an outer layer of resin and pure metal powder painted into the mould, backed up by laminated layers of resin and fibreglass. Sculptures are provided waxed, and will weather just as the equivalent pure metal would. Life expectancy is decades - the material was first used some 40 years ago and the original examples are still going strong.

The 'Silver stag', 'Adonis' and 'Spirit of Rome' are made from perforated aluminium sheet, which I form around solid originals. Where sections are pieced together, the joins are held by aluminium rivets. Over time aluminium loses its sparkle somewhat outside, (a process slowed down by waxing) but for practical purposes does not corrode. The sculptures continue to stand out as highlights against the darker greens and browns of our landscapes, or the reds of brickwork.