Commissions Gallery

Commissions Gallery Nikki Taylor welcomes opportunities to make site-specific commissioned sculptures in wire mesh. A particular beauty of the mesh in an outdoor environment is the way it responds to changing light conditions and varying directions of sun, moon or artifical light. Adjacent to water, the combination of reflections and transparency of the sculpture can be spectacular.

A commissioned figure can be designed to fit specifically into a client’s landscape, be it lounging on a particular rock or dancing round specific trees. Nikki can also make these figures based on particular individuals be they family members or favourite heroes, as her portrait Olympic sculptures of Tom Daley and Jason Gardener demonstrate in the ‘news’ section. Nikki’s preferred material now is stainless steel mesh, industrially coated with an architectural metallic finish, available in a variety of colours, which is fully weatherproof.

Nikki is happy to work in collaboration with designers for private or corporate commissions as well as direct with clients, on sculptures for indoors as well as out. ‘I enjoy both generating ideas and suggestions myself, or simply bringing a client’s own vision to life equally. The main pleasure is in creating a sculpture which has a particular significance for its owner and makes a unique contribution to its environment.’ Please go to the ‘contact’ section if you would like to discuss ideas for a commission.