Bastille Sculpture

I was thrilled to be asked to make two life-size wire mesh figures for the stage set for Bastille's current world tour. The figures are designed to echo the theme of the WILD WORLD album cover, due for realease 9th September.

On a large set the wire men perch on the top of one of the big on-stage video screens, looking out across their world, and on a small set, as you see with NBC's The Tonight Show they can hang out up front with the band!

The creative idea behind the album cover and the figures comes from Dan Smith who writes all the band's material and the same theme runs through many of the songs on Wild World. Referring to the album cover he explains, 'To me the image isn't about what's just happened or what happens next. It's not about how they got there or how they get down. It's about sharing a moment - two friends existing in that split second in that exact space, two people framed in the vast context of this huge mad metropolis that we've all built. They're there out of choice.

As a sculptor it's been very exciting for me to be a part of the collaboration for the tour show. The team involves set designers, video designers, sound and lighting engineers and a crew of very skilled people working together to create a multi-media spectacular around the band and their music.

In creating the figures for the stage set, I put a lot of time working with my models Luke and Rhys into devising the precise positions of their poses, to create the right level of ambiguity in their body language. The aim was to create the particular dynamic of Dan's idea when they sat above the skyline as a pair. But once we had the sculptures in the flesh on the set it became clear that they could be moved around to interact with the band and their world in any number of ways, expanding and adapting the theme onwards. The set for The Tonight Show demonstrates how well this works, so the collaboration continues!

Bastille's Wild Wild World Tour kicked off in Exeter at the Radio 1 Big Weekend and runs through into 2017, taking in major venues and festivals across the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and even Singapore with a variety of TV shows along the way.