Nikki Taylor

Tom Daley Jason Gardener Rhythmic Gymn

15th May 2012 Holburn Studios
Filmed by Strip Studio

Wire Mesh Sculpture

Nikki Taylor creates sensuous and expressive sculptures of the human form in woven wire mesh. The works are either in high relief for wall mounting, or fully in the round sculptures, each modelled individually freehand in woven wire mesh. The figures are predominantly nudes, male or female in a range from fragments and torsos to full figures.

The smaller size reliefs are mounted on white MDF panels, whilst the larger ones are designed to hang invisibly directly on the wall, or can be ceiling hung away from the wall the maximize opportunities for casting shadows through them. There are also free-standing pieces and those designed specifically to be suspended from above. Sizes range from approx 40 cms high to life size.

Nikki works in a variety of metals and finishes depending on whether the sculpture is designed for indoors or out, and to achieve specific effects.

As there are no lengthy or expensive origination processes, wire mesh is a particularly good medium for individual commissions, including portrait body sculptures.